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Seeds for City Farmers

We specialize in small plot or container gardening for city farmers, but find we also thrive in rural settings. Manhattan Farms started with the idea that you can plant seeds and grow things wherever you are, be it city high-rise or country acreage. We specialize in small plot or organic container gardening for city farmers, but find we also thrive in rural settings. This is your seed source when you're growing herbs, gardening with organic vegetable seeds or you're growing wild flowers such as the Texas bluebonnet, the purple coneflower, the California poppy or group of colorful Indian Blankets. We're your seed experts, whether the focus of your indoor gardening is growing herbs, organic vegetable gardening or the container gardening of beautiful wild flowers. All of our organic vegetable seeds, organic herb seeds and wild flower seeds are open-pollinated heirloom seeds that come guaranteed to grow.

We carry a selection of some of the most interesting seed collections available. For those who love wildflowers, we have carefully chosen a selection of wild flower seeds native to North America and not invasive to anyone.

Browse our large selection of Seed Collections, Wildflowers, Seed Cards or check our Garden Craft Series for Card Blanks for Seed Packets, Pressed Flower Card Kits, Gardener's Recipe Cards, Recipe Card Dividers, Canning Labels and Posters.


Manhattan Farms has expanded to carry a line of stationery that will include all the artists in your family from Cooks to crafters. From canning labels, greeting cards to flower presser card kits and more.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  Happy Gardening!




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